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every month more than 100 tonnes of cargo by air and more than 100 containers of cargo by sea are delivered to major cities in India and across the world,  to cities within the United States, Europe, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, Latin America and other parts of Asia. Flamingo Aviation has consistently pushed the edge of cargo technology and has expanded its network around the world. Its complete supply chain solution is applicable for any industry vertical, across all major sea and airports. With Flamingo as your global logistics solutions partner you are assured a gold standard of quality and excellence from door to delivery.

Have you experienced a personal and customized approach to shipping cargo?


The team at Flamingo Aviation, a fast growing mid-size company in the freight forwarding space, have you as their top priority. They are with you through the entire logistics cycle and ensure that you have a superior customer experience.


Holistic Customer Care


Operational Excellence


Strict Ethical Practices

Employee Empowerment

For the resolution of any ethical concerns arising out of your interactions with Flamingo Aviation, please reach out to +91 9876543210 or info@flamingoaviationservices.com. Your identity will be kept strictly confidential.

Why Flamingo?

Flamingo has their ears carefully tuned to what each customer has to say, providing a strategic plan that outlines an optimized blend of solutions to meet individual shipping needs.

Well established and experienced

Individually-tailored programmes and pricing

Assured cargo quality

Genuine personal service

Dedicated consultants

Excellent local and international knowledge

Practical and continued support and advice

Transparent booking and flight details

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