Every company and each employee is different!

Our individually-tailored package approach, gives you the required assistance you need to make a complicated process, simple! By taking care of the details, we ensure that your business is uninterrupted – even during international moves.

A seamless transition is important and is key to a successful relocation

We are flexible and will fit our expertise around your specific needs. Our dedicated and highly experienced relocation expert will either manage the whole process or work with your own HR team to implement the relocation.

You can hand the whole relocation over to us knowing that utmost care, precision and detail will be dedicated to the move.

Each employee is assigned their own personal consultant from our team of highly-trained and experienced professionals who offer practical support, guidance and reassurance at every stage. They are there to advise and support the HR team as well as the employee… Flamingo monitor’s performances throughout the project, to ensure your targets are being met and that you are happy with the service.

Our comprehensive service offerings are:

Domestic Relocations, Office Shifts, and Hospitality Logistics.
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It takes a specialist to arrange for a smooth, effortless delivery of tile, stone, equipment and supplies. Let Flamingo handle and arrange it all for you. Packaging materials from freight transport vendors can get very expensive and are not included in the price of the shipment. By leveraging Flamingo’s expansive network of stone and tile shipping companies, you are guarantee the best rate, with an incredible deal and an assured on-time delivery date.

When transporting anything this fragile, packaging it properly is essential to ensure delivery happens without any mishaps. The freight veterans at Flamingo have been dealing with special deliveries like these for decades and are here so that you may leverage their knowledge in this area. Terracotta, granite, marble or tile…we ship it all!

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When transporting sensitive goods like pharmaceuticals, compliance, standardization, accountability and transparency across the air transport supply chain is extremely essential. Flamingo has been at the forefront of creating a centre of excellence for Independent validators (CEIV) in pharma logistics with the aim of helping the industry improve the transport and handling of these products to meet the requirements of shippers and manufacturers.

Flamingo is the practical choice for all critical general cargo, as well as ambient and temperature-controlled pharmaceutical and healthcare shipments. The high standards of care followed by Flamingo are in line with the established guidelines for International facilities that store, handle and distribute pharmaceutical and healthcare shipments. Passive and active temperature-controlled airfreight solutions are worked out in close cooperation with our preferred airlines and qualified packaging partners.


Gherkins are a highly perishable product and must reach the production facility the very day it is picked to guarantee the quality of the pickled product while preserving its natural taste and freshness. Flamingo expertly works around the logistics and shipping challenges and drawbacks of successfully transporting this delicate product to its export markets in Russia, the United States and Europe.


Time is critical within the multi complex structures and supply chains of the automotive industry. It imposes big challenges on logistics services, and requires expertise in the design of supply chain management, process planning and operations efficiency. Flamingo’s transport experts in each global region work with you to provide tailor-made solutions to meet any specific needs and requirements. This widens your window of opportunity for sales and lessens the likelihood of offering car incentives since your product arrives within your time schedule.
From inbound procurement, production logistics, service parts distribution, to finished vehicle transportation, Flamingo’s range of services includes:

Inbound Procurement Logistics
• Buyers’ consolidation
• Multi-country cross docking
• Milk run collection
• Parts consolidation center (PCC)
• Complete knock down operation
• Packing designing
• Vendor managed inventory

Production Logistics
• Just-in-time (JIT)
• Sequencing to production line (Direct dock, P-Lane)
• Material handing operation (MHO)
• Marketplace management
• Kanban system
• Shunt operation with RFID
• Off-dock inland container yard management

Service Parts Logistics
• Night distribution
• Cross dock and platform activities
• Scanning and visibility

CBU (Complete Built Unit) Transportation and PDI (Pre Delivery Inspection)
• Land/sea/air transportation for CBU includes prototype vehicles

Other Related Services to Automotive Industry
• 3PL / LLP (Lead Logistics Provider)
• Equipment transportation and installation
• Optimal site simulation tool
• Route optimizing simulation tool
• Pipeline visibility system and PO management system
• Return rack and lithium ion battery collection
• Other logistics technologies (Double-deck containers for SKD or motorcycles, Strang system for coil transport, anti-vibration for sensitive electrical auto parts)

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Flamingo is a transportation provider that can develop flexible customized solutions for all of your retail freight movements. For over a decade a high level of service has been followed by maintaining long-term relationships with some of the largest retailers and their vendors. In a retail world filled with thin margins, emerging sourcing opportunities, changing consumer attitudes and the added complexity of online disruption, Flamingo not only moves retail freight with flexibility, visibility and reliability but they understand the journey and can provide multi-modal capacity and service options while applying industry best practices to meet the emerging needs of their retail customers.

Flamingo’s services include:
・Purchase Order and Vendor Management
・Carrier and Third Party Management (Critical Path Management)
・Ocean and Air Freight Forwarding
・Customs Clearance
・Value Added Services
・First & Last Mile Contract Logistics
・End-to-end Visibility


For years, Flamingo’s experts have been pioneering innovative solutions to meet the special demands of hi-tech logistics, including speed to market and the flexibility to meet ever changing consumer demand.

Working in partnership with leading industrial, commercial and consumer hi tech companies, Flamingo’s supply chain and sector expertise extends all the way from the factory floor to the final destination. Each service provided is as diverse as vendor managed inventory, distribution center management, the movement of precision instruments and sensitive cargo logistics.

Flamingo provides fast, reliable and dynamic supply chain solutions for:
• Electronic equipment, parts and component
• Semiconductors and semiconductor equipment
• Consumer electronics
• Office and industrial automation equipment
• Computer hardware and peripherals
• Telecommunications – video, mobile, media-driven entertainment


Flamingo also provides the following services:
• Supplier/Buyer Consolidation and Cross-Docking
• After Sales Service and Reverse Logistics
• Control Tower Solution
• In-Plant Filed Logistics and Technical Workshop
• Outsourcing Order Fulfillment

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